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Our desserts speak for themselves, but here's what our
customers have to say...

Christine P.

"What I love about Adian's desserts is that you can enjoy full portion sizes without feeling guilty afterward. You don't get the sense of being overloaded by sugar; everything is full of flavor, but still light enough to enjoy in its entirety. I've been lucky enough to try a lot of his menu items, and I've never had desserts like these before."

Erin W.

"We ordered the almond cake for my birthday dinner and it was the ABSOLUTE BEST CAKE I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! Adian has a customer for life! I want this cake every year. Fabulous flavor, texture, everything!"

Shelby S.

"[The red velvet cupcakes] had literally the perfect amount of cake-to-frosting ratio! They were yummy and moist. My favorite part, and this sounds silly, but they taste like red velvet and not just chocolate cake turned red if that makes sense! The icing wasn't hard at all. I'll definitely be ordering again! The taste is literal perfection."

Tricia S.

"The pear tarts are to die for, and the pumpkin pie is the best we've ever had. The seasoning is subtle but perfect. And those chocolate chip cookies! Yum!"

Marci B.

"Honestly the BEST chocolate chip cookies I've EVER HAD!! Five Stars!"

Susan M.

[Dessert Charcuterie Board]

"Oh. My. God. Everything was delicious! I tried the Chocolate Chip Cookies - Excellent. The

Salted Caramel - Excellent. The

Brownies - Delicious. But my favorite was the pear tart! My husband said the pumpkin pie was really good and my stepdad loved the apple pie."

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