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Larger than life in size and flavor.

Chocolate Chip

ADN's Chocolate Chip
Best Seller


We can't reveal Chef's secrets on these ones. It's taken him 3 years to perfect this recipe... and they were well worth the wait. 


$12 for 1/2 dozen
$20 for 1 dozen

Macadamia Nut.jpg

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut

The timeless classic you know and love, except bigger and better. Chunks of white chocolate and macadamia nuts are guaranteed in every bite.




$14 for 1/2 dozen
$24 for 1 dozen

Chocolate Walnut Cookies

Chocolate  Walnut
Best Seller


Chocolate cookies with a gooey center, light notes of cinnamon, and chopped walnuts.

$15 for 1/2 dozen

$25 for 1 dozen




These Argentinian treats may look simple, but they are far from it. Chef spends hours cultivating the perfect dulce de leche before sandwiching it between two shortbread cookies. They come plain or rolled in shredded coconut. A light dusting of powdered sugar is also optional at no additional charge.

$12 for 1 dozen with Coconut
$22 for 2 dozen with Coconut

$11 for 1 dozen without Coconut

$20 for 2 dozen without Coconut

Toffee Espresso Cookie.jpg

Toffee Espresso


Chewy cookies with soft notes of espresso and sweet hints of toffee, topped with flakes of sea salt to accentuate the flavor profile.




$10 for 1/2 dozen
$18 for 1 dozen

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